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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bollywood Movie Review: Woodstock Villa

Cast: Sikander Kher, Neha Uberoi, Boman Irani, Anupama Verma, Gulshan Grover, Gaurav Gera, Arbaaz Khan, Shakti
Kapoor, Sachin Khedekar

Music Director: Aryans , Shibani Kashyap, Anu Malik
Producer: Shobha Kapoor, Ekta Kapoor, Sanjay Gupta
Director: Hansal Mehta
Banner: White Feather Films

In the tradition of film noir that is guaranteed to shock, thrill and surprise. A compelling film from director Hansal Mehta about swiftly changing moralities in today's world. After a successful businessman's stunning wife disappears, hostile and taunting ransom demands follow. As the true nature of stakes for the captor and his captives unfold, Woodstock Villa lithely transforms from a precision neo noir into a chilling and shocking thriller, and ultimately into a vivid, invigorating, icy masterpiece of murder, mystery and suspense.

The film tells the story of a jobless youth Samir (Sikander) who sleeps around with his ex-boss’s wife (which explains why he’s jobless). He lives in a rented apartment but can’t pay the rent and he owes money to a don who frequently gives him “tonic” (read thrashing) for not paying the dues.

At a discotheque, he falls for a stunner named Zara ( Neha Oberoi ), who makes him an unusual proposal to kidnap her because she wants to test her husband’s love. And the husband here happens to be a rich businessman, Jatin Kampani ( Arbaaz Khan ).Hard-pressed with need for money, Samir laps the offer only to find himself in a mess after Zara dies in captivity. He buries the body, erases the evidence, and leaves the city. But then another surprise awaits him.

‘Woodstock Villa’ is one of those movies that try desperately hard to jolt you with repeated twists in the tale. But the way those twists unravel takes the punch out of the plot. For instance, the final twist, when the camera specifically focuses on a bag with money on two different occasions when it changes hands kills the suspense for a discerning viewer.To put it in other words, ‘Woodstock Villa’ is a vain and superficial work of cinema.Thankfully, Sikander Kher is the silver lining in this dark enterprise. The guy has it in him to carry a movie on his sole shoulders. There are a few moments in the movie that show glimpses of his potential. It is a pity
that ‘Woodstock Villa’ is his launchpad. Neha Oberoi is eye-catching and manages her part without hamming. Arbaaz Khan has at last begun to act in the real sense of the word. Sanjay Dutt ’s song seems deliberately squeezed in the narrative.

‘Woodstock Villa’ is a film that will appeal to those who are a sucker for style. Those who want substance should better steer clear of this movie.

Bollywood Movie Review: Jannat

Cast: Emran Hashmi, Sonal Chauhan, Sameer Kochhar, Vishal Malhotra, Javed Shaikh

Musician: Pritam
Playback Singer: Rana Majumdar, Kay Kay, Richa Sharma, Rupam Islam, Kamran Ahmed
Producer: Mukesh Bhatt
Director: Kunal Deshmukh
Banner: Vishesh Films

Jannat is the story of a man caught in a bog of crime and he struggles to find heaven on earth
Arjun ( Emraan Hashmi ) comes from a middle-class family, but his dreams are big and he doesn’t mind taking the short route to riches regardless of morality, or the lack of it. He graduates from being a gambler to bookie, solely by the dint of his intuition to predict correctly. He falls in love at first sight with Zoya ( Sonal Chauhan ) and eventually goes on to win her heart, her trust, and her respect with his love and his riches.

As Arjun struggles to choose between the two, the Don offers the forbidden apple of limitless wealth in exchange of his soul and draws him into his core entourage of money spinners.
How far will the horizon of reality stretch as Arjun and Zoya tread a fine, fast-blurring line between right and wrong to find the heaven? But when she comes know the source from where the riches come, she hands him over to the cops. Arjun goes to jail and vows to reform himself – all for the sake of love. But then, one sight of jannat, one last temptation to fix a match, gets the better of his senses. And situations turn around so unexpectedly that he finds himself sinking just when he was about to come ashore.

Like all the Bhatt films, the story of ‘Jannat’ steers clear of the good-versus-bad formula. It is a subject in which both good and bad coexist inside the leading characters. There is no moral message, no sermonizing, but just the poignancy of a tragic love story.

All in all, ‘Jannat’ is eminently watchable. Just don’t go expecting heaven from it.

Bollywood Movie Review : Dil Chahta Hai

Aamir Khan - Akash Malhotra
Saif Ali Khan - Sameer
Akshaye Khanna - Siddharth Sinha
Preity Zinta - Shalini
Sonali Kulkarni - Pooja

Director: Farhan Akhtar
Producer: Ritesh Sidhwani , Pravin Talreja
Written by: Farhan Akhtar , Kassim Jagmagia

DCH is a story about 3 friends and their lives. how they move on from being cool and mast friends to adults, their girl friends, how they are so good friends, and how some of them part ways and how they get together again. neat story - simple, elegant, well paced. great acting by everyone - from the superstar amir khan to newbie sonali kulkarni have acted so well in this
movie. solid performance by everyone. great songs.

This movie depicts wide variety of people and you are sure to connect with one of them, and would make you feel a part of movie.

Its a must watch -with friends or family

Bollywood Movie Review - Hastey Hastey

Movie:Hastey Hastey

Cast : Jimmy Shergill, Rajpal Yadav, Nisha Rawal, Ashutosh Bajpai, Manoj Joshi, Upasna Singh, Ben Warner,

Samuel Byen, Puja Gupta, Monishka Gupta, Jawed Sheikh, Shivaram Kumar, Charlie Durso, Shakti Kapoor, Albert

Jassani, Vikas Anand

Story Writer:Rohit Batra, Bholu Khan
Playback Singer:Zubeen Garg, Shiv Ram Kumar, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kunal Ganjawala, Shaan
Music Director:Anu Malik
Production Executives:Sunil Sharma
Producer:Shivaram Kumar, Ashutosh Bajpai
Banner:Go Cam Films

After dull and dry spell at the box-office, this summer vacation brings out downpour of comical delights and HASTEY HASTEY is presumed to be one of such "cool" offerings. Comical flicks have never been great on melodic quotient but have certainly provided amusing fan-fare for its upbeat titillating musical outburst. After sloppy ANAMIKA and notable WOODSTOCK VILLA, veteran Anu Malik along with dependable Sameer gets into the proceeding for this comical caper. Like its stumpy profile and undistinguished face value, the album too disappoints with its lackluster display an d adds another blob in the credits of ever-fighting composer.

The movie stars Jimmy Shergill with newcomers Nisha Rawal and Monishka Gupta.
Neel (Jimmy) is a brilliant student at Columbia University. His pedantic personality and his charming looks have Maya (Nisha), an upper-class Catholic-Indian girl, floored. It is a two-sided love which looks like headed to the altar until Neel’s career ambition gets the better of him.

Sunny (Rajpal Yadav) is Neel’s roommate and a close friend with an incurable inclination towards flirting with girls. Though he flirts, his heart beats only for one girl – a stunning blonde named Tina.Neel and Maya’s love story is put in limbo when he travels to India to start a call centre. In this initiative he is helped by an enterprising Tanvi (Monishka) who has a crush on Neel. But when Neel rebuffs Tanvi’s advances, she plots revenge. She hatches a conspiracy and Neel finds himself stuck in a scam. ‘Hastey Hastey’ becomes somewhat watchable thanks to Jimmy Shergill and Rajpal Yadav . Though Jimmy’s performance appears half-hearted at places, overall he manages to carry the film on his shoulders. Rajpal Yadav chips in some light moments. Newbie Nisha Rawal and Monishka Gupta have great scope for improvement as far as acting is concerned.

Bollywood Movie Review : CHOCOLATE

Anil Kapoor, Suniel Shetty, Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Emran Hashmi, Tanushree Dutta, Sushma Reddy

Director: Vivek Agnihotri
Music Director : Pritam
Lyrics : Dev Kohli, Mayur Puri, Ajeet Srivastava
Producer : Vibha-Ragini

What would you expect from the director of films like One Man Show, Kalyanaraman, Pulivaal Kalyanam, Thommanum Makkalum and Mayavi? No doubt a full-length, colourful entertainer with an interesting story and ample dosages of humour, songs and well-choreographed dance sequences. Well, that's exactly what Shafi gives you in his sixth and latest offering, which too is on the way to becoming another box office success. Chocolate, true to its name, is a yummy kind of film, one that you'd love to savour to the fullest extent. It's colourful, entertaining and youthful to the core.

The film tells the story of things that happen when a male student gets admitted to a Women's college where more than three thousand girls study, some of whom are dead against a male entering their preserve. Prominent among these are Anne, Nandana and Susan, who to a very great extent, rule the campus. But the principal, who was always in favour of making it into a co-ed college, decides to give admission to Shyam Balagopal, the son of one of the lecturers there, and a spoilt brat if there ever was one. Not willing to take this lying down, Anne, Nandana and Susan, decide to make the going hard for Shyam.

But Shyam is not what they had anticipated him to be. He had created problems wherever he had studied earlier and hence had never lasted long in any institution. He wasn't bothered whether he would last long in this one either, although there were many like Pappan (who ran the cyber café) and his friend Riyaz among others who had much fancied being out and about in this all-women's college. With Shyam's admission, these guys begin to feel that they too would get a chance to make their dreams come true.

There is another person who approaches Shyam with a different kind of request. He is Renjith, a young fashion designer, who wants to make Nandana his model (his real motive is something else!). He wants Shyam to help him in getting Nandana to agree to model and walk the ramp for him. All these combine to create the build up towards a very exciting and emotion-packed climax. Prithviraj as Shyam is excellent. The way he plays the character, the timing that he displays in the comedy scenes, the energy that he breathes into the role make him endearing. Roma has done an excellent job as Anne, while Samvritha Sunil is good as Nandana. Jayasurya as Renjith is perfect, while Remya Nambeeshan is OK as Susan. Shaari as the principal, Laloo Aalex as Anne's father, Rajan P. Dev as Nandana's father, Salim Kumar as Pappan, Anoop Chandran as Riyaz, Bindu Panicker as Maria (who runs the college canteen) etc have all done full justice to their respective roles.

The songs have been choreographed well, in true Shafi style and sync perfectly with the theme and the mood. "Kalkanda Malare..." and "Ishtamalle.. ." are good ones. Technical aspects are excellent. Debutantes Sachi and Sethu, who penned the story and the script, deserve to be appreciated for having come up with so exciting an entertaining a subject. Bravo Shafi, Sachi, Sethu, Prithviraj, Roma and everyone else! To sum up, Chocolate is a clean entertainer, a perfect film for a festive season! Go and watch it with your family!

Bollywood Movie Review : LAGAAN

Aamir Khan - Bhuvan
Gracy Singh - Gauri
Rachel Shelley - Elizabeth Russell
Paul Blackthorne - Captain Andrew Russell
Suhasini Mulay - Yashodamai

Director:Ashutosh Gowariker

Writers:Kumar Dave (screenplay)
Sanjay Dayma (screenplay
Release Date:8 May 2002 (USA)
Genre:Drama Musical Romance Sport
Tagline:Once upon a time in India

The people of a small village in Victorian India stake their future on a game of cricket against their ruthless British rulers... full summary add synopsis
Plot Keywords:Once Upon A Time In The Title Cricket Match What Happened To Epilogue Against The Odds Cricket Game

REVIEW: Lagaan,once upon a time in india which was released in 2001 is one amongst the best movie in our film industry and for this it was nominated to oscar awards. It was the time when britishers ruled India.At that time they suffered severe drought.Once Aamir came across britishers playing cricket and he challenged the british officer that if he wins they'ld leave that region but if he looses he would pay tax thrice the existing one. it was the greatness of the officers sister that she taught the villagers whom Aamir chose to play cricket.At the same time one amongst his friends ploted against him.Then slowly she(Elizabeth) fell in love with him.Finally the test match between britishers and villagers began.After a tough match Aamir and his team gained victory. when Elizabeth knew about Aamir's love she didnt reveal about hers.As per the challenge britishers left that region and finally it rained after a long time.Ita really an excellent

Awards:Nominated for Oscar. Another 44 wins & 19 nominations